donderdag 4 september 2008

Tiny little miracles

Somtimes things come together... Not long ago we discovered the absolute no.1 dance track of 2008: Balearic Incarnation, really just released by Dolle Jolle and remixed by his best friend Todd Terje, two guys who are the heart of the upcoming Olso disco scene. We first heard the track in the weekly podcast on Resident Advisor, mixed by Belgians Aeroplane. After playing it maybe 100 times we found their myspace. The funny thing was that we discovered ZXZW in their friends list. ZXZW is a festival for independent culture organised by some friends of ours. It's held in our little hometown Tilburg. It became clear that ZXZW asked them to come and spin their records. So if you are ready to hear the slow claps of the Norwegian nu disco, I strongly recommend you to come join us on thursday 18 September from 22:00 - 23:00 in The Batcave / 013, Tilburg. It's probaly te last time you will be able to see these guys in a little venue like this because the are taking a quick liftoff.

Search for an old japanese man standing close to the speakers... We will buy you a beer or two...

Note: they will act under the name Shari Vari on which, to make it all complete, we also wrote a blogpost.

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cool, thanx!

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