dinsdag 23 september 2008

The best 7 days of the year are just behind us...

It has been quite quiet at the infamous Archibald Kobayashi studios last week. That's because we were every of the 7 days at the fantastic ZXZW festival in our hometown Tilburg. What a superb vibe was hanging through town all week long! We ran from venue to venue to get pleasantly surprised by all different styles of music, art and people. Over 200 acts where perfroming so it's just too much to tell everything but here's some highlights of what we experienced: The great Sun Ra Arkestra, Shining, Goto80, Tram, Bjorn Torkse, Shari Vari, the Z-Stock poster exhibition, Seven That Spells, Disco Exota, Pelican, Hooghwater and the list goes on and on. So big ups to Frank, Joost and Vince for this. Everybody just come see for yourself next year. It was just great.

Check out pictures right here

N.B. Shari Vari's own Dølle Jølle, on whom we wrote some posts earlier, funny enough happened to stay at our place for 3 nights. We dont believe in coincidents anymore..

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