woensdag 27 augustus 2008

Happy Iceland

Some time ago the whole A.K. team was in Iceland for some days to visit some friends in Reykjavik. We had some time to travel inland a bit and we could stay a night in our friends' summerhouse not far from Hekla, Icelands' biggest and still active vulcano. Offcourse we also saw Geysir and the immensly powerful Gulfoss and lots of other beautiful places. But the thing that struck us most were the views from the coastlines as you can see in the pretty picture above, taken by mrs. Kobayashi. It made us realise how far away and isolated Icelanders must feel from the rest of the world. It gave us both the shivers and an uttermost relaxed feeling at the same time. We're still not sure which one had the overhand for us but according to researcher Jon Carlin from The Observer, Icelanders must be the happiest people living on this here planet, all 313.000 of them. Read his explanation right here.

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